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Tips & Guidance


Rule Number 2: Answer ALL PARTS of the question or requirement
Rule Number 3: When you have finished, check Rules 1 & 2 again!

Read each application form carefully, ensure you thoroughly answer each of the specific questions, do not answer questions which are not there.

Do not exceed the requested word count.

Each statement must be unique - tailor it to the application.

Research the institution and the program.

Endeavour to mention the name of the school or institution you are applying to at least twice in the essay.

Start early, allow yourself plenty of time.

Prepare an outline and create a draft.

Include your past successes, core values, your contributions and your career goals, what makes you stand out above your peers.

Keep the tone of your essay or statement cheerful and positive at all times, with emphasis on your achievements and accomplishments.

Remember to put your name and identification number (if applicable) at the top of the document.

Begin each paragraph with a clear topic sentence.

Write in a mixture of short and long sentences.

Avoid the repetitive "I" by using "my" and "me" whenever possible.

Write a clear introductory paragraph, include the name of the institution to which you are applying, and your reason for choosing it.

Develop at least one good paragraph dedicated to your personal attributes. Include your strengths, talents and ability to overcome adversity, and follow up with examples of your successes and strengths.

Give a sense of you as a person, how the program/degree will build on your previous experiences and what contributions you can make to the speciality and/or residency program.

Do not dwell on poor academic grades, explain them but do not offer excuses for them.

Concentrate on the traits, skills and attributes which you believe will ensure your success in the program you are applying to.  Expand on your reasons for selecting the school, institution or program, endeavour to mention the research/work of a prominent faculty member where appropriate.

Dedicate one paragraph of your document to your life goals and career aspirations, linking them to the course work available.

Mention people who have influenced your choices, motivated and inspired you.

In your final paragraph, briefly re-state the main themes you have presented in your letter, essay or personal statement.

Do not:
Allude to sensitive issues such as politics or religion
Be negative
Use clichés, analogies or metaphors
Use big words you would not normally use
Pretend to be someone you think they want you to be
Exceed the stated word count
Talk about money as your motivation for the field you have chosen
Ignore format instructions
Print your document, personal statement, essay or application on cheap or inferior quality paper
Fold your letter, statement or application in the mailing process

Proofread.  Proofread.  And proofread your document.
Correct grammar and syntax are absolutely essential.



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